Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ep. 20, Part 1: The Trouble With Chocolate & Wine

Calorie free chocolate & wine!

Click here for the video.  :o)

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I'm also trying a slightly new format, breaking the yarn and fabric into two separate uploads.  Let's see if we like it.

Yarn Dyeing
I had two yarn dyeing experiments go wrong for me.  Ugh.  The yarn is still pretty though.

Fortunately, I also tried dyeing my first skein of speckled yarn, and that little cutie worked out.

Still working on my Miette cardigan.  If you're thinking of skipping the shaping in this cardigan like I did, heed my warning and make sure your stitch count works with the lace pattern.

I finally finished knitting up my first skein of self striping sock yarn.  Sheesh, dyeing sock yarn is a pill.

I'm knitting a pair of toe-up, heel flap and gusset socks.  The pattern is from Chrissy Gardiner's book, Toe Up!


  1. Just a thought--does your water have chlorine in it, do you use a water softener? These might be why you have bleeding. One other thing--I dyed fabric so this may not help--if I remember correctly, some dye colors have larger molecules and this sometime causes them to not adhere to the fiber. It has been so long ago since I did this that I don't remember exactly what I learned. I used a book called "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston and another book, that of course I can't find, to get the info. I needed for dyeing fabric. If I can find the other book I will let you know the title and author. The Color by Accident book is a good one and mine is hard cover, spiral so it lays flat to use while dyeing. I also used page protectors cut in half so I could slide them over the pages and not have to worry about getting dye on the pages. Anyway, I am enjoying your learning process. ritzy

    1. No water softener, but we do have chlorine added! That's a good point ~ thank you. :o)