Monday, November 14, 2016

My First Sewn Dress!

Simplicity 1537

I had promised earlier to share my sewing journey, just in the event there are curious, soon-to-be dressmakers out there who would appreciate watching a newbie like me explore this process.  And while I'm not filming podcast episodes at the moment, I am more than happy to record my experiences right here.

As the title says, this is indeed my very first dress.  The pattern is Simplicity 1537, and I originally purchased this about a year ago with the idea of making a full length dress out of funky fabric to wear to our local Renaissance Faire.  You know...cause that's a great first project, right?  *eyeroll*  

I won't go into the debacle in detail, but in short:  I chose a fabric that likely wouldn't have worked for that purpose anyway, goofed up tracing the original pattern, decided to make a full length circle skirt, screwed the waist up by cutting it too small, cut new pattern pieces out of this gigantic skirt that didn't fit, pulled the zipper I had thrown away OUT of the garbage...cleaned the ketchup off of it ...and reattached it, and made myself a regular old knee-length skirt.  

*Whew!*  Yep, that's actually minus the detail!  After all that, I'm shocked I ever looked at my sewing machine again.  Somewhere in my brain, I must have really loved the process.  The frustration I felt ~ and there was a-plenty ~ was always temporary.  I would just mumble a couple of carefully chosen swear words and move on to the next bit of problem solving.

I share all this because I want to make it very clear that I didn't just pick up a pattern, fabric, and knock out my very humble Dress #1.  I wish!

It took about a year, the reading of sewing blogs and watching tutorials, and the sewing of a few simple skirts before I found myself ready to tackle something bigger.

In the interest of keeping things short and snappy, I will share some details and products in the next blog post.  My fabric choice ended up being a good one.  The interfacing?  Not so much.  And I think I'm going to need pinking shears because my seams are really quite scary.

By the way...the skirt with the ketchup-smeared zipper?  I love it.  :o)

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