Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I prefer being behind the camera...

but I'm just learning.  SO new, I had to look up what "DSLR" meant.  That should give you a pretty good idea of where my starting line is.  But even as I struggle to figure out which button does what, and when to do this or that, I find I'm still having fun.  I'm guessing that's a good sign!

We visited our local alpaca farm last weekend. I figured fuzzy faces would be perfect for practice shots, and I was right.  Enjoy the parade of Farm Furs. 

T2, guard dog in training

One of the girls.

One of the boys.

Lily the goat

Lucca the donkey

I especially love the barn's warm afternoon sunlight in the last two photos.  If you're in the area, this lovely farm is located in Barrington, IL:  SafeHouse Farm Alpacas


  1. I'm loving your photography. Chuck's favorite was the golden retriever; mine was the white faced alpaca. Great job! Do you live near Barrington? (You can PM me. I'm always looking for friends near home in St. Charles or near Chuck's work in Deerfield.)

  2. Hi Chick,
    I'll need to do some catching up as I didn't know you had a blog. LOVE that chocolate yarn!! Your photos are so good! You are talented and polycraftual.
    T2 looks so sad, but I know the guard dogs take their jobs very seriously. 💕💕

    1. T2 is a happy girl actually. She is normally running wild and free (and will run laps around you). But the farm had other visitors that day ~ people who probably wouldn't have appreciated her muddy paws on their chests. :oD (The farm owners know we don't mind. I've been flattened by T2 before! She is big.)